Computational Social Science Group

Institute of Computer Science, Tartu


Computational social science lab projects lies at the intersection of computer science and social sciences. Group members perform research on topics of social phenomenon by employing data science techniques. In particular, we focus on topics such as hate speech and misinformation dissemination. For that we employ:

  • Social network
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Knowledge graphs
In addition, the group is also working in the area of AI Ethics. This includes the following topics:
  • Identifying Bias in AI
  • AI Fairness
  • Explainabile in AI
The group is lead by Rajesh Sharma, Associate Professor


Our 1 paper got accepted at IJCNN 2021

(Acceptance Rate ~22%)

Our 2 papers got accepted in PlosOne Journal

Our 1 paper got accepted at PerCom 2021

(Acceptance Rate 14%)

Our 2 papers got accepted at ASONAM 2020

(Acceptance Rate 17%)

The lab is co-organizing DisIno 2020

We have a nice program for DisIno 2020 (Co-located with SocInfo). Two Technical session and 3 Keynote speakers related to misinformation dissemination will be given.

Our paper got accepted at SocInfo 2020

Our paper got accepted at DaWak 2020